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Natural areas

Discover the beautiful natural areas in Andijk: the Vooroever and the Streekbos. You can make beautiful walks and bicycle tours here. Also very nice for plant, bird and animal lovers. 

De Vooroever

Nature reserve the Vooroever is a practically contiguous area located between Medemblik and Andijk. From Villavakantiepark IJsselhof you can walk to the Vooroever in 20 minutes. The Vooroever can be reached by car and parking is free.

Here you will find a Cormorant breeding colony and dozens of breeding water and marsh birds. The nature reserve also provides a resting place for birds foraging in the IJsselmeer. During migration time and in winter, sometimes thousands of ducks can be seen. A footpath from the parking lot at the Koopmanspolder takes you to a bird viewing point. As many as 250 different birds can be found in this nature reserve!

The Streekbos

The Streekbos was created in 1978 and is 73 acres in size. There are several hiking trails. Part of the Streekbos has been withdrawn from the polder water and specially arranged to give the growth of water and riparian plants more opportunities. You will also observe more and more native species of plants and animals in other parts of the Streekbos, such as the beautiful kingfisher.