Villavakantiepark IJsselhof is the ideal location for fishing enthusiasts. Fish in the fishing spot behind the reception or in the fishing lake nearby.

Fishing on Villavakantiepark IJsselhof

The inland waters of Villavakantiepark IJsselhof are connected to the IJsselmeer and almost all our vacation villas have their own fishing jetty. Around the park there are various fishing spots and jetties where you can fish in peace and quiet. So don't forget your fishing rod!

Waterfront villas with dock

The Horn Wellness 4 and Horn 6 are located on a wide water with a beautiful view. Most of the Medemblik villas are located on our intermediate ditch, where many small carp swim, among other things. Fish from your own villa!

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Fish stock and fish release

In the inland waters around the vacation villas swim, among others, pangolins, mirror carp, row carp, crucian carp and whitefish. We also regularly release new carp. In the spring we will release two exclusive Japanese Koi carp, among others.

Highly occupied carp ditch

We have a new, highly occupied carp ditch with 2 fishing jetties. Here last March we released 100 beautiful row carps of 1.5 kilos as well as 20 carps of 5 kilos. Would you like to fish here? Ask for more information at the reception.

At the high carp ditch you may only feed with Carp Pro Plus pellets. The fish must be taken from the water with a landing net, unhooked on a wet unhooking mat and then immediately put back. Hooks must have no barb and the wounds must be cleaned after unhooking with Carp Care Wound Seal. The Carp products are available at the reception.

Carpcare Mark Breedveld

Since 2020, we have partnered with carp specialist Mark Breedveld of CarpCare. See below for Mark's fishing tips and Carpcare products. Together with Mark we are working hard to create an even better fishing experience.

Video by Robert

Watch the video by Sport Fisherman and YouTuber Robert Grootenboer about the release of 3 beautiful and special koi carp at Villavakantiepark IJsselhof in 2024. Click here for the video.

Fishing tips from Mark

Will you be carp fishing at IJsselhof? Then throw some Carp Pro Plus pellets bait in a few spots, in the deeper sides, and fish on top of them with your float or pen. Fish as light as possible: with a small float and little lead shot. Use a 6 millimeter Carp Pro pellet as bait and attach it to the size 8 hook with an elastic bait band (see photo). These pellets and rubber bands are available at the reception desk and can also be pre-ordered while booking your stay. We also feed with these pellets ourselves, so the carp feed well on them.

When fishing with fixed lead, use 30 to 50 grams of lead and a 25 centimeter long leader, because of our soft West Frisian bottom. If you want to fish heavier we advise a helicopter system, where the bait is always on top of the ground. Extra tip for fixed lead fishing: use a top lead. Keep 2 to 3 meters distance from the shore, so the carp are less disturbed.

Carp Pro Feed

For the health of our fish, we recommend Carp Pro Plus 6 millimeter pellet fish food, as well as Carp Care Wound Seal for healing wounds after fishing. Both can be purchased at our front desk or while booking your vacation. When catching, the use of a landing net and unhooking mat is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious about all the frequently asked questions about fishing at Villavakantiepark IJsselhof? Check out our page with all the questions.

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