Pony fun


Are you a pony lover? With us you can brush and cuddle ponies, and of course take a ride with them! The riding and grooming is done under supervision, so the children can also learn a lot.

It is also possible to book a private lesson. This is also possible for adults up to 75 pounds. You can ask for the cost from manager of the pony ranch.

cAt our pony ranch there is also the opportunity on opening days to pimp horseshoes and to learn to ride in the free seat on an Anky Freerider. The cost is €4.00 each time.

When it is busy, step rides with children take priority over private lessons. Reservations can be made at the pony ranch itself, if the caretaker is present. You can reach the manager by phone at 06-27656260. The pony ranch is located across from the swimming pool.

When weather conditions are bad, pony riding is not possible. In the event of heat, private rides will not take place and pony riding is also not possible.

Meet our ponies

The pony ranch is home to a cozy herd of ponies. Each pony has its own story. We are happy to introduce the ponies to you:

Big Mackie
Big Mackie is our smallest Shetland pony. Don't underestimate him, because he knows what he wants! He is great fun for little ones: cuddling and brushing! The kids can also ride him.

Tessa is the youngest horse here: she loves to cuddle and is very curious! She is a 6-year-old cross Tinker. Tessa has only been under saddle since 1 year. She is very sweet and reliable for her age.

Maikel has been adopted. He is a sweet and colorful Shetlander. He can even walk in front of a cart!

Tim is a real tough Tinker coming from Ireland. Tinkers are also called gypsy horses. He is 8 years old and 1.42m tall, but looks bigger because of his stature and socks. Even the littlest ones can ride him! Tim and Tessa are real buddies.

There is a pony for everyone, big or small, to ride:

  • Big Mackie (up to 15 kilos)
  • Rowan (up to 20 kilos)
  • Maikel (up to 30 kilos)
  • Kenny (up to 40 kilos)
  • Presto (up to 40 kilos)

The larger ponies are suitable for all children and adults up to 75 pounds.